Saturday 20th August 2022

Glass, more than meets the eye

Talks, tours and Star Glazing are free to attend – bookings essential

Glassroom Science is free

Kids Craft Classes have a cost. Bookings essential.

Sausage sizzle will be available at lunch


To book call (02) 4441 5675 or email



11.30am Beyond the Looking Glass: Science & the Sea, The Halloran Collection


Robyn Dalleywater will guide you through the fascinating Halloran Collection at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum. Delve into the history and science behind some of the scientific and navigation objects featuring glass in this collection.


12:30pm See the Light: Looking at Lighthouse Lenses


Ian Clifford, President of Lighthouses Australia will share how Lighthouse lenses work. 2022 coincides with the 200th anniversary of the invention of the Fresnel lens used in lighthouses around the world - a great opportunity to remind locals and tourists of the great history that is held in more than 300 lighthouses and maritime museums around the coastline of Australia.


1:30pm Glass Houses: Turning Glass into Concrete


Professor Tim McCarthy, Director of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong is passionate about Sustainable Engineering and Engineering Education. He will share how his research and practise expands the sustainable future of construction by finding ways to use waste glass as a productive ingredient in building materials such as lightweight concrete.


2:30pm Mind-Blowing Glass: How Glassblowing has Captivated Art & Science


Holly Williams, Director and Co-Founder of The Curators’ Department will share how the unique properties of glass have captivated artists and scientists for millennia. Glass beads first appeared around 4,500 years ago and since that time glass has both relied upon and advanced developments across scientific and creative realms. Contemporary art and design curator, Holly Williams will discuss the role glass has played in our philosophical and conceptual understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


3:30pm Bottlenecked: Recycling Bottles into Local Roads


Fiona Schreures, Resource Recovery Projects Coordinator from Shoalhaven City Council. What do you do with a 10,000-tonne mountain of stockpiled, dirty, contaminated glass waste (fines) that no one wants to recycle and you don’t want to landfill? Wash it of course! Council developed a solution to clean and recycle the “un-recyclable” fine glass left over from the sorting/separating of material from the kerbside recycling bin, and it’s coming to a road near you!



All Day: Glassroom Science: Hands-On Scientific Exploration

Explore the wonders of glass in scientific instruments! Discover how a telescope works, explore a tiny world with microscopes and find out how light and glass combine to make rainbows!


This is a self-discovery activity with activity booklet.


11:30 – 12:30 Crazy Kaleidoscope Craft

This hands-on craft class we will make crazy patterns with handmade kaleidoscopes! Using beads and found natural objects, kids will construct and decorate their own kaleidoscopes and learn how reflection and light work! Cost $10


1:30 – 2.30 Glass and Clay Creations

Explore the materials of glass and clay in this creative workshop led by ceramists Vicki Robinson. Children will learn how to combine two different materials and create a unique art piece to take home. Cost $20



Star Glazing: Using Powerful Telescopes to See The Night Sky

Set up from 5pm.


Runs until 7pm. Weather permitting.

Join the Shoalhaven Astronomers at the Pond Lawn on the Museum grounds to behold the night sky! Using powerful telescopes you will be able to see detail and colour not visible to the naked eye. Also running will be a video presentation about space, time, and distances.



The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum is a not-for-profit organsiation.  Most Science Week events are free. Donations are appreciated

Open: 10am - 4pm Daily

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